TKO 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack


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Organize your gym space with the TKO 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack. This sturdy rack conveniently stores up to 10 pairs of dumbbells, keeping your workout area neat and clutter-free. Say goodbye to scattered weights and hello to efficient fitness sessions.


Brand: TKO


  • You won’t have to worry about your dumbbell rack scratching or damaging your floor, as the TKO 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack comes with rubber feet. This feature is also useful as a personal safety feature, as they help the fixture to stay stable and secure on any surface. When loaded with dumbbells, even the slightest shift can be dangerous, which is yet another reason to invest in quality!
  • The TKO 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack is designed to hold 10 pairs of TKO 814TXR or 816TXU dumbbells. TKO dumbbells are ideal because of their single solid design and rubber casings.
  • The sizes of the TKO dumbbells intended for use with this rack range between 5-50. Adhering to the size 50 limit is important, as overloading your dumbbell rack can create a safety hazard for you and for your equipment.
  • If you need dumbbells, please use our search option and purchase them separately. TKO has high standards and it’s evident in their commercial grade fitness product. The high-quality materials used for construction will help your vertical rack last a very long time.
  • Investing in a home gym means investing in a better you — and making sure that your home gym is safe and comfortable is non-comprisable. All in all, the TKO Vertical Dumbbell Rack is the smart choice for your gym, and will empower you to create the environment you need to succeed!


Organize your home gym with the TKO 10 Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack. Designed to hold 10 pairs of TKO 814TXR or 816TXU dumbbells, this rack features rubber feet for stability and floor protection. Ensuring safety and durability, the rack accommodates TKO dumbbells ranging from 5-50 in size. Constructed with high-quality materials, this commercial-grade fitness product is a smart investment for a safe and empowering workout environment. Purchase your dumbbells separately and elevate your home gym experience with the TKO Vertical Dumbbell Rack.

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