SWR X20 Electric Bicycle 20” 2000W 48V 20AH Removable Battery Dual Hydraulic Shock Absorber


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Discover the SWR X20 Electric Bicycle – a powerful 2000W bike designed for adults. With a removable 48V 20AH battery, reach speeds up to 30 MPH effortlessly. Conquer any terrain with dual hydraulic shock absorbers and pedal assist for an exhilarating ride.

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Brand: SWR


  • 【2000W Powerful Motor】2000W brushless variable speed snow motor, rare earth permanent magnet DC brushless, external rotor hub type motor, motor internal basically maintenance-free, with fast response, high speed, smooth rotation, stable torque, etc.
  • 【48V 20AH Large Battery】Top speed 34 mph(No Load). Removable battery to meet different charging needs; 6-8 hours per charge with a range of 40-55 miles.
  • 【Automotive Grade Shock Absorbers and Hydraulic Oil Brakes】Double-shoulder hydraulic shock absorbers with scientific and effective shock absorption measures minimize vibration and make the ride smoother; hydraulic oil brakes provide precise and instantaneous braking even in wet weather. These reliable configurations create a comfortable, confident riding experience for you.
  • 【20 “x4” Snow Fat Tires】Puncture-resistant, non-slip snow tires are suitable for all kinds of roads, combined with magnesium alloy one-piece wheel design to provide excellent traction and superior shock absorption. Allows you to ride freely on the beach, mountain, snow, city, etc.
  • 【Humanized Design】This adult off-road electric bike is equipped with diffuse LED dual lights at the front and rear for safe riding even at night; X20 has an intuitive LCD display that shows speed, battery level, distance traveled, and faults. 7-speed gear system allows you to choose the speed you like.
  • 【Always Ready to Go】The bike is 90% pre-assembled and combined with three riding modes: electric-only, pedal-assisted, and pedal-only, with the addition of front and rear fenders and a rear rack, it will make your ride hassle-free enough.
  • 【Upgraded】This X20 now comes with fenders and rear rack to better meet customers’ riding needs.


The SWR X20 Electric Bicycle is a high-performance 20” electric bike tailored for adults seeking adventure. With a robust 2000W motor and a removable 48V 20AH battery offering a range of 40-55 miles per charge, this e-bike can reach speeds of up to 30 mph. Equipped with automotive-grade shock absorbers and hydraulic oil brakes, the ride is smooth and secure in any weather condition. The 20 “x4” snow fat tires on magnesium alloy wheels provide excellent traction and shock absorption, making it versatile for various terrains. Additional features such as LED lights, an intuitive LCD display, and a 7-speed gear system enhance the overall riding experience. Pre-assembled with three riding modes and included fenders and rear rack, the SWR X20 is ready for any adventure you embark on.

UPC: 728062778056

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