Adult Tricycle 3 Wheel Trike Bike 20 inch 7 Speed Black


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Explore the freedom and stability of the Adult Tricycle 3 Wheel Trike Bike with 20-inch wheels and 7-speed options in sleek black. Cruise with confidence and style while enjoying a comfortable and smooth ride on this versatile trike built for convenience and fun. Perfect for leisure rides or daily commutes, this tricycle offers a unique and enjoyable way to get around.

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Experience comfort and convenience with the Adult Tricycle 3 Wheel Trike Bike 20 inch 7 Speed in Black. This tricycle is designed with stability and style in mind, perfect for leisurely rides around the neighborhood or running errands. The 20-inch wheels provide a smooth and steady ride, while the 7-speed feature allows for easy adjustment to different terrains. The ZXCSLC20YC7SHS001V0 ensures durability and reliability, making it a reliable choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

UPC: 617201608777