Sunny Health & Fitness All-In-One Weights Storage Rack Stand Black

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Enhance your home gym organization with the Sunny Health & Fitness All-In-One Weights Storage Rack Stand. Keep your weights neatly stored and easily accessible in one convenient spot. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more efficient workout space.


Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

Color: Black


  • MULTI-STORAGE: The ultimate strength training free weight storage rack, this All-In-One is a must have for home gym owners who are serious about making gains.
  • SOLID DESIGN: Featuring an incredible combined max weight of nearly 2,645 LB, this all-in-one can store your entire strength training collection and more. Wear-resistant coating enhances durability and reduces likelihood of scratches.
  • BARBELL STORAGE: The Barbell post holds 4 Olympic sized barbells with 2 inches in diameter. Each post holds up to a 45 LB max weight barbell.
  • DUMBBELL RACKS: Two levels of racks are available to store your dumbbells. Each rack holds a maximum of 270 LB max weight.
  • WEIGHT PLATE RACK: Stack your weight plates side by side to keep your workouts organized and prevent unwanted accidents. Maximum weight: 1,175 LB.
  • WEIGHT PLATE HOLDER: Extra weight plates can be stored away when not in use with 3 weight plate holders. Each holder will fit 2 -3 plates and have a max weight capacity of 170 LB each.
  • KETTLEBELL STORAGE: Ensure that you will never accidently kick a kettlebell anymore. The top mounted kettlebell rack has a max weight limit of 170 LB.
  • MEDICINE BALL RINGS: 4 medicine ball rings hold 17 LB each. Do not let your medicine balls roll and get away from you ever again.


Organize your home gym with the Sunny Health & Fitness All-In-One Weights Storage Rack Stand – SF-XF920025. This sturdy rack offers multi-storage options to accommodate all your strength training equipment, with a combined max weight capacity of nearly 2,645 LB. The wear-resistant coating ensures durability and reduces scratches, while specific storage areas cater to Olympic-sized barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, kettlebells, and medicine balls. Keep your workout space tidy and prevent accidents with this efficient and space-saving storage solution from Sunny Health & Fitness.

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