Stamina müüv Bike Exercise Bike with Wireless Bluetooth Smart Mount Black


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Enhance your home workout with the Stamina müüv Bike featuring a wireless Bluetooth Smart Mount. Stay motivated with the integrated müüv App for personalized fitness sessions. With a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs, this exercise bike is designed to support your fitness journey.


Brand: Stamina

Color: Black


  • SMART CARDIO EXERCISE BIKE – The Stamina müüv Bike combines premium design features with integrated, wireless audio coaching that syncs to your device to provide effective, efficient cardio and muscle-toning workout.
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH DEVICE MOUNT – When placed on the mount, your device will automatically sync up with the stationary bike and connect you to the müüv app. LED lights on the mount will indicate your workout progression in real time.
  • PERSONALIZED WORKOUT – Tap ‘Create’ and müüv will put together a completely personal workout unique to you. The app delivers coaching that is fun and progression-based and the system adjusts workouts to match your improvements over time.
  • INTEGRATED müüv APP – With feedback from the fitness bike, heart rate strap, tracker or smartwatch, and user input, your coach will make suggestions to keep you motivated and on track. The app also allows you to control the bike and your workouts with your voice.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE – The height and distance of the cushioned seat are adjustable to fit users, and textured pedals with adjustable straps keep your feet stable and secure. Built-in wheels help easily roll the müüv workout bike to storage.


Experience a new level of personalized home workouts with the Stamina müüv Bike. This sleek exercise bike in black offers a smart cardio solution, integrating wireless Bluetooth technology with the müüv app for a tailored fitness experience. The bike’s wireless Bluetooth device mount ensures seamless connectivity to the app, providing real-time workout progress updates via LED lights. With the müüv app, create and enjoy personalized workouts that adapt to your progress over time, offering fun and effective coaching. Designed for comfort and convenience, this bike is equipped with adjustable features like a cushioned seat and textured pedals, ensuring stability and a secure fit for users up to 330 lbs. After your workout, easily store the müüv Bike thanks to its built-in wheels, making it a versatile addition to your home gym setup.

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