SOLOROCK Pace 3.0 14″ Folding Bike – Super Compact Metallic Blue


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Discover the SOLOROCK Pace 3.0 Foldable Bike – lightweight, sleek, and perfect for urban commutes. With its 3-speed gears, aluminum frame, and compact design, this bike is ideal for on-the-go adventures. Get yours in a stylish Metallic Blue finish today!



Color: Metallic Blue


  • It is definitely Not an e-Bike, but a lovely regular folding bike of SoloRock brand with Super Compact & Super Light Aluminum Frame & Fork
  • Stainless Steel Spokes, Double-walled & Side-wall CNC-ed Rims, Solid, Reliable
  • Length-extended thick & strong seat post with Rubber Bottom Insertion (Floor Protection)
  • Fenders & Aluminum Rear Rack Included; Stainless Steel Fender Stay
  • Aluminum Crankset & Aluminum Chain Wheel Cover
  • Cartridge Bottom Bracket, More Reliable, Long Lasting
  • Aluminum Folding Pedals Wellgo Brand; Stylish Comfortable Handles with Locking Rings
  • Mounting Holes Ready for Optional (not included) SoloRock Front Bag
  • 3D-Forged (Weld-free) Aluminum Handle Post Folder, Solid Strong, More Reliable & Looks Nicer


The SOLOROCK Pace 3.0 14″ 3 Speed Aluminum Folding Bike in Metallic Blue offers a delightful blend of convenience and performance. Not an e-Bike, but a stylish folding bike from the renowned SOLOROCK brand, it features a super compact and lightweight aluminum frame and fork. With stainless steel spokes, double-walled rims, and a sturdy seat post with rubber bottom insertion, this bike ensures a smooth and reliable ride. Complete with fenders, an aluminum rear rack, and practical features like aluminum folding pedals and mounting holes for optional accessories, this bike is a versatile companion for urban commutes or leisurely rides.

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