SEAC Seac Space One-Piece Wetsuit in Ultrastretch Neoprene Black


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Discover the Seac Space one-piece wetsuit, crafted from 5 and 7mm Ultrastretch Neoprene for superior flexibility and warmth. Available in calibrated sizes for a perfect fit, this wetsuit is designed to elevate your underwater adventures.


Brand: SEAC

Color: black


  • One-piece wetsuit made of ultra-elastic neoprene and available in different sizes, with dedicated cuts for women and men, for quick and easy dressing. Soft embossed inserts inside the elbows and behind the knees to always grant freedom of movement
  • AQUASTOP | Rear zipper with internal flap ensures a barrier against water infiltrations. Aquastop system on cuffs and ankles provided with double neoprene cone and zipper
  • RESISTANT | Appealing protective inserts with geometric pattern on chest and shoulders, positioned on the most stressed points on the equipment. Protections also at the knees and shins.
  • EXTRA | Rubber buttonhole insert positioned on left cuff to firmly hold the waistband of the dive computer.


The Seac Space one-piece wetsuit, crafted from 5 and 7 mm ultrastretch neoprene, offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort for diving enthusiasts. Available in a sleek black color, this wetsuit comes in calibrated sizes with dedicated cuts for both men and women, ensuring a perfect fit for all. Featuring soft embossed inserts in key areas for unrestricted movement, the wetsuit boasts an Aquastop system with a rear zipper and internal flap to prevent water ingress. The protective geometric pattern inserts on high-stress areas provide durability, while the rubber buttonhole insert on the cuff adds convenience for securing a dive computer. Dive confidently and comfortably with the Seac Space wetsuit, designed for performance and functionality.

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