Ride Engine Men’s Onsen 4/3 Front Zip Full Wetsuit LS


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Experience ultimate comfort and performance with the Onsen 4/3 Front Zip Full Men’s Wetsuit LS. Engineered for maximum flexibility and warmth, this wetsuit is a must-have for cold water adventures. Stay agile in the waves and take your surf game to the next level.


Brand: Ride Engine


  • YAMAMOTO #40 NEOPRENE: The Global Leader in sustainable limestone-based neoprene. Sustainable, Maximum Flexibility, Higher Memory Value, No Chemicals. FRONT-ZIP ENTRY: Offers easy entry and flush resistance. ABRASIVE RESISTANCE KNEE PADS: Protects your knees from impact and adds an extra layer to prevent wear and tear on your suit. GLIDE NECK SKIN: A velvet layer that prevents neck rub and averts flooding.
  • THERMAL LOCK FLEECE LINING: Plush and quick drying this fleece lining keeps you warm in the harshest conditions. GLUED AND BLIND-STITCHED TAPED-SEALED SEAMS: Triple threat performance to keep water out and reduce chafing in seamed areas. TAPERED & MATRIX-DOT WRIST GRIP: Easy on and easy off assistance. ANKLE DRAIN HOLES: Rapidly lets water out to let you stay dry.
  • Water Temp: 50°F to 57°F | 10°C to 14°C
  • Model Size: Model is 6’0” tall, 185lbs and is wearing a size Large
  • Sizes: Small, Small/Tall, Medium/Short, Medium, Medium/Tall, Large/Short, Large, Large/Tall, X-Large/Short, X-Large, X-Large/Tall


Stay warm and comfortable in the water with the Onsen 4/3 Front Zip Full Men’s Wetsuit LS by Ride Engine. Crafted with YAMAMOTO #40 NEOPRENE, this wetsuit offers sustainable, maximum flexibility with no chemicals. The front-zip entry provides easy access and flush resistance, while the abrasive resistance knee pads protect your knees and prevent wear and tear. The thermal lock fleece lining keeps you warm in harsh conditions, and the glued and blind-stitched taped-sealed seams keep water out and reduce chafing. With features like the glide neck skin, tapered wrist grip, and ankle drain holes, this wetsuit ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Available in various sizes to suit your needs, this wetsuit is designed for water temperatures ranging from 50°F to 57°F, making it ideal for your next surfing or diving adventure.

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