R4 Pro 26 Inch Wheelie BMX Bicycle Retro Look, New Looptail Design Adult/Youth White Purple


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Experience the thrill of the R4 Pro 26 Inch Wheelie BMX Bicycle with its retro-inspired design and eye-catching white with purple wheels. This adult/youth bike features a new looptail design that delivers both style and performance, perfect for riders looking to stand out on the streets. Take your cycling adventures to the next level with this stylish and high-quality BMX bike.

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Brand: R4


  • 4 pegs Included
  • Quality workmanship
  • Gender: Unisex
  • 2.20 Tires
  • Item Weight: 29 lb
  • Looptail Design


The R4 Pro 26 Inch Wheelie BMX Bicycle combines a retro aesthetic with modern functionality, making it suitable for both adults and youth alike. Featuring a striking white frame with purple wheels, this bike stands out from the crowd. The looptail design adds a unique touch to the overall look. Equipped with 4 pegs for added versatility, this bike is designed with quality workmanship in mind. With 2.20 tires and a weight of 29 lbs, the R4 Pro offers a smooth ride while maintaining durability. Perfect for those looking for a stylish and reliable BMX bike.

UPC: 734536492953

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