Mastercare MINI-MINI Back-A-Traction Inversion Table Black/Black


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Discover relief with the Mastercare Back-A-Traction Mini-Mini Inversion Table. Compact yet powerful, this innovative device offers a natural solution for back pain. Experience improved circulation and comfort at home with this top-rated product.


Brand: Mastercare MINI-MINI

Color: Black/Black


  • Natural Spinal Decompression.
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation of back, neck, shoulder and knee problems.
  • The Mastercare system is unique with its patented moving backrest and the quality and safety concept. The Mastercare MINI-MINI is portable and affordable! It folds down so compact that you can take it anywhere!
  • The Mastercare MINI-MINI provides therapy to users of all sizes with Maximum weight of 220 lbs.!
  • Suitable for Gymnastic Athletes that especially need decompression before and after a hard training session!


The Mastercare MINI-MINI Inversion Table in Black/Black offers a unique solution for natural spinal decompression, ideal for preventing and rehabilitating back, neck, shoulder, and knee issues. Its patented moving backrest sets it apart, ensuring quality and safety. This portable and affordable model folds down compactly, making it convenient for use anywhere. With a weight capacity of 220 lbs., it caters to users of all sizes, including gymnastic athletes needing decompression pre and post intense training sessions.

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Dimensions 42.913385783 × 19.8818897435 × 8.4645669205 cm