KETTLER Skylon 2 Elliptical Home Trainer with Bluetooth Black


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Achieve your fitness goals with the KETTLER Skylon 2 Elliptical Home Trainer, featuring Bluetooth connectivity for personalized workouts. Enjoy a smooth and efficient workout experience from the comfort of your own home. Elevate your fitness routine with this advanced elliptical trainer today.



Color: Black


  • Premium quality computer display provides high resolution and easy to read digital and graphical data
  • Work out data displayed includes: Speed, RPM, Distance, Time, Energy Consumption, and Pulse Rate
  • The programmable training computer provides 10 programs including heart rate controlled programming
  • The display console can be tilted for optimal viewing by users with different heights
  • Computer includes Heart Rate Control programming that automatically adjust resistance levels in order to achieve and maintain one’s target heart rate training zone
  • Heart rate can be measured by the telemetric hand grips or wireless Bluetooth Chest Strap Monitor
  • Magnetic brake system provides and extensive range of smooth resistance
  • 40 lb. Drive System offers a smooth, fluid, effortless glide providing ultra-low impact and natural motion
  • An AC power source is required (power adaptor included)
  • The variable resistance has 15 levels with enough range to challenge beginners through to seasoned athletes


The KETTLER Skylon 2 Elliptical Home Trainer with Bluetooth in sleek black offers a premium workout experience for users of all fitness levels. Featuring a high-resolution computer display, this elliptical provides detailed data such as speed, distance, pulse rate, and more. With 10 programmable training options, including heart rate control programming, users can customize their workouts for optimal results. The magnetic brake system offers smooth resistance, while the 40 lb. drive system provides a fluid and natural motion. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, the 15 levels of variable resistance ensure a challenging workout every time. Compatible with a wireless Bluetooth Chest Strap Monitor, this elliptical is designed for convenience and effectiveness.

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