ISLE Surf and SUP Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Aqua/Navy


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Experience ultimate paddle boarding adventures with the ISLE Megalodon iSUP Bundle – designed for up to 1,050 lbs capacity. Measuring 15′ long, this durable and stable inflatable stand up paddle board is perfect for all skill levels. Grab this Aqua/Navy board for endless fun on the water!


Brand: ISLE Surf and SUP

Color: Aqua/Navy


  • MULTI-PERSON iSUP: This supersize inflatable paddle board was made for carrying the family or all your friends and dogs. The extra-large design can hold up to 650 pounds. Great stability allows for recreational paddling, fishing, yoga and fitness, kids, teens, and more.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: 16 strategically placed, neoprene-padded carry handles allow for easy group transport. Also ideal for tying up to docks and boats or connecting boards.
  • DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA: This SUP convinces with its ultra durable and modern Design. Constructed with Military-Grade PVC. Forget about dings or blown seams thanks to our AIRTECH FUSION LITE manufacturing process that’s durable and lightweight. Updated, grooved traction pad is non-abrasive and non-slip.
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT: All of your cargo will fit on this board. A 6-point front expandable bungee system lets paddlers store and access essential gear for long journeys and short adventures. The dual high pressure valves can easily be locked into open or closed position for simple, rapid inflation or deflation.
  • SPECS: Dimensions 12 x 45 x 8 in. Up to 650 lbs Capacity. lightweight 34 lbs when inflated. INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE: All inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a complete package that includes: Adjustable Carbon Shaft / Nylon Blade Paddle, High-Pressure Pump, ISLE Sticker Pack & Manual, and Snap-In Travel Fin.


The ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board & iSUP Bundle Accessory Pack in Aqua/Navy is the ultimate choice for those seeking a spacious and stable paddle board experience. Designed by ISLE Surf and SUP, this multi-person iSUP can accommodate up to 650 pounds, making it perfect for family outings or group adventures. With 16 neoprene-padded carry handles for easy transport, a durable Military-Grade PVC construction, and an expandable bungee system for gear storage, this board offers both safety and comfort. The included iSUP accessory bundle adds even more value, with an adjustable paddle, high-pressure pump, and travel fin. Experience the California-designed quality and versatility of this impressive paddle board.

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