I INMOTION Inmotion V13 Electric Unicycle 22 Inch Self-Balancing EUC with 10000W Motor, 90mm Air Suspension, 124-Mile Range, 87 MPH Speed, 45° Climbing (Challenger)

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Experience ultimate power and speed with the Inmotion V13 Electric Unicycle. Equipped with a 10000W motor and 90mm air suspension, it offers a 124-mile long range and a maximum speed of 87 MPH. Conquer any terrain with its impressive 45° climbing ability.

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  • Epic Electric Unicycle: Unleash 10000W of raw power, conquer 45° hills, hit a blazing 87MPH top speed, and fully charge in just 3 hours
  • Power & Performance Unleashed: The INMOTION Challenger defines strength, producing a staggering 300Nm of torque. Conquer 45° inclines with ease
  • Revolutionary Hall Sensor Tech: The V13 unicycle employs dual hall sensors for precise motor control. If one fails mid-ride, the backup seamlessly takes over—no interruptions
  • Enhanced Suspension System: The Challenger unicycle boasts upgraded suspension—dual air shocks and dampers on each side. It conquers rough terrains, elevating your riding experience
  • INMOTION Challenger features a user-friendly modular design for easy maintenance and introduces Smart BMS, utilizing advanced algorithms to enhance long-term battery capacity and charging cycle optimization


Unleash the power of the Inmotion V13 Electric Unicycle, a true marvel of engineering equipped with a 10000W motor, allowing you to conquer 45° hills with ease and reach a maximum speed of 87 MPH. With a remarkable 124-mile long range and a quick 3-hour charging time, this unicycle offers unrivaled power and performance. The revolutionary Hall Sensor Technology ensures precise motor control, while the enhanced suspension system with dual air shocks and dampers provides a smooth ride even on rough terrains. The user-friendly modular design and Smart BMS technology make maintenance a breeze, ensuring long-term battery capacity optimization. Dominate the roads with the INMOTION Challenger.

UPC: 709226211350