HYPERWEAR Adjustable Sandbag Workout Bag with Filled Sandbells LG 160lb Assortment – Red

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Elevate your fitness routine with the Hyperwear Adjustable Sandbag Workout Bag, filled with SandBell Kettlebells for a versatile workout experience. This heavy-duty sandbag comes in a large 160lb size, segmented into 20lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb weights for tailored intensity levels. Get ready to level up your strength training with this all-in-one workout companion.



Color: LG 160 lbs Assortment 5 Sandbells – Red


Enhance your fitness routine with the HYPERWEAR Adjustable Sandbag Workout Bag. This heavy-duty sandbag comes filled with a variety of SandBell Kettlebells ranging from 20 to 50 pounds, totaling 160 pounds in weight. The red LG 160 lbs assortment includes 5 Sandbells, offering versatility and challenge for your strength training workouts. Build strength, improve endurance, and add a dynamic element to your exercises with this adjustable sandbag designed to take your fitness to the next level.

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