HH HILAND Hiland 700c Road Bike 14 Speeds Light Weight Aluminum Frame Racing Bike City Commuting Road Bicycle Black


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Get on the fast track with the Hiland 700c Road Bike! This sleek racing bike features a lightweight aluminum frame and 14 speeds for ultimate performance. Ideal for city commuting and designed for both men and women.

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Color: Black


  • 【Lightweight Frame】Hiland road bike is designed for people who like to ride or use it for daily commuting. The aluminium alloy frame is lightweight, stiff, responsive, and easy to work with. It’s also more durable and potential for higher speeds, it can withstand a harder impact without cracking or failing.
  • 【Brake System】The brake system consists of double caliper brakes which are lighter and more aerodynamic than disc brakes. It can ensure that riders stop immediately in case of emergency.
  • 【Professional Shimano Drivetrain】Hiland road bike features 14 speed L-TWOO derailleurs and SHIMANO Shifters, gives diverse riding experience and also ensures total control in every situation, like in gravel, city road or other tough terrain. You can glide over most obstacles without losing speed or getting shaken around too much.
  • 【700C Tires】It takes less energy to keep the bike at speed. 700c wheels have less rolling resistance, making them more efficient, you can ride further using the same amount of energy. These wheels also have better rollover capability, because have a larger circumference, they can more easily roll over potholes, bumps, branches, roots, and other obstacles on the road or trail.
  • 【Assembly&Size Guide】 Size S (50 cm) for people between 5’5″ & 5’10″,Size M (55 cm) for people between 5’10” & 6’3″, Size L (60 cm) for people between 6’3″ & 6’7″CHECK THE SIZE BEFORE YOU ORDER.For people over 12 years old. 85% pre-assembled,easy to assemble,free installation tools and pedals include.


The Hiland 700c Road Bike by HH HILAND is a sleek and versatile option for both avid riders and daily commuters. Featuring a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is not only durable but also enhances speed potential, this bike offers a responsive and smooth riding experience. The double caliper brake system ensures immediate stops in emergency situations, while the professional Shimano drivetrain with 14 speeds guarantees total control in various terrains. With efficient 700c tires that require less energy to maintain speed and roll smoothly over obstacles, this road bike is designed for optimal performance. Available in a classic black color, and with easy assembly and size options ranging from S to L, this bike is suitable for individuals over 12 years old looking for a reliable and comfortable ride.

UPC: 847182029777

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