Helix Lateral Trainer H1000-3D 2023 White


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Experience a new level of workout innovation with the Helix Lateral Trainer H1000-3D 2023 featuring a 10″ Android touchscreen tablet console for residential use. This health and fitness home cardio trainer is designed for weight loss and lower body sculpting. Elevate your fitness routine with this cutting-edge machine.


Brand: Helix

Color: White


  • A BETTER WORKOUT IN LESS TIME: Machine users achieve target heart rates faster and activate more muscles than cardio users. It doesn’t feel harder, but you burn more fat every second of every workout. Science proves it!
  • BETTER SCULPTING BENEFITS: Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines. Users see 50% more outer thigh activation, 42% more inner thigh activation and 55% more core activation than on a leading elliptical trainer
  • FITNESS THAT MOVES YOU IN 3D: You live your life in 3D, now work out in it, too! Other trainers like bikes, steppers, and treadmills only work your body in two dimensions of human movement. Machine Trainers move your body in all three dimensions of human fitness for much better results in less time.
  • KNEES & HIPS: The Machine is clinically shown to improve knee health by safely strengthening supportive muscles that other machines ignore. Not only does the Machine not harm knees, it also actively strengthens and protects them by targeting the Gluteus Medius.
  • PERFECT FOR ATHLETES: Some of the world’s top athletes, use Machine Trainers to get an edge over the competition. The motion has proven sports-specific benefits that can aid golfers, tennis players, hockey teams and soccer players to stay at the top of their game. DETAILS: Display computer features real-time feedback. 8 levels of resistance. For residential use only.


Enhance your home cardio training with the Helix Lateral Trainer H1000-3D 2023 featuring a 10″ Android touchscreen tablet console. This advanced machine by Helix offers a more efficient workout, targeting heart rates faster and activating more muscles for effective fat burning. Its patented motion focuses on sculpting the lower body, including the butt, core, and inner/outer thighs, surpassing traditional cardio machines in muscle engagement. Operating in 3D, this trainer provides a comprehensive fitness experience, improving knee health and offering sports-specific benefits for athletes. With an 8-level resistance system and real-time feedback display, the Helix Lateral Trainer is ideal for residential use, making it a perfect choice for achieving weight loss and lower body sculpting goals.

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Dimensions 43.0 × 43.0 × 62.0 cm