Gronk Fitness Products Swiss Bar – Commercial Grade | Multi Grip Football Bar for Upper Body Strength Training Silver


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Enhance your upper body workout with the Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar, a commercial-grade multi-grip football bar. Enjoy versatile strength training with various grip options. Elevate your fitness routine with this durable and effective piece of equipment.


Brand: Gronk Fitness Products

Color: Silver


  • PRESS FLAT, INCLINE & OVERHEAD WITHOUT SHOULDER PAIN: The Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar is a shoulder saving barbell, allowing you to press and pull without pain and discomfort.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE FITNESS SWISS BAR: Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar is a heavy duty, 64 lb football bar that fits all olympic sized plates. This bar is also commonly called the American bar or the Multigrip bar, and it can handle up to 1000 lbs.
  • ATTACK YOUR MUSCLES FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES: Press, row, curl and extend to attack your muscles from different angles with the multi grip barbell.
  • 8 DIFFERENT HANDLES, ALLOWING FOR 4 DIFFERENT POSITIONS: This commercial-grade neutral grip bar is designed to give you versatility that will last a lifetime. Plus, the swiss bar can be placed on top of a squat rack and used as a multi grip pull up bar.


Enhance your upper body strength training with the Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar. Designed for versatile workouts, this commercial-grade multi grip football bar allows you to press flat, incline, and overhead without shoulder pain, thanks to its unique design. With 8 different handles offering 4 positions, this heavy-duty 64 lb bar accommodates all Olympic-sized plates and can withstand up to 1000 lbs. Attack your muscles from various angles by pressing, rowing, curling, and extending with ease. Transform your workout routine with the Gronk Fitness Swiss Bar, offering durability, comfort, and endless exercise possibilities.

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