Fitness First Decline Bench Press with Olympic Weight Plate Storage Silver


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Get ready to elevate your workout with the Fitness First Decline Bench Press. This sturdy bench features Olympic weight plate storage for easy access to your weights. Achieve your fitness goals and strengthen your upper body with this sleek and durable silver bench.


Brand: Fitness First

Color: Silver


  • Roller pads for lower body stability
  • Safety pegs for multi height racking
  • Angle bar catches W/ high resistant wear surface
  • Workout focuses on the Upper Body
  • Sport type: exercise and fitness


Enhance your upper body workout routine with the Fitness First Decline Bench Press. This sturdy bench press features roller pads for lower body stability, safety pegs for multi-height racking, and angle bar catches with a high-resistant wear surface. Designed in a sleek silver color, this bench press is ideal for targeting upper body muscles effectively. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, this bench press is a must-have for your exercise and fitness regimen. Keep your Olympic weight plates neatly organized with the convenient weight plate storage feature, making this bench press a practical and efficient addition to your home gym.

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Dimensions 75.0 × 68.0 × 52.0 cm