Dragon Door Isomax Isometric Training Equipment – Barbell with Digital Force Generation Meter – At Home Isometric Handgrip Workout Machine

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Elevate your home workouts with Dragon Door’s Isomax Isometric Training Equipment. This innovative barbell comes with a digital force generation meter and isometric handgrip for effective strength training. Experience a versatile all-in-one workout machine that will take your fitness to the next level.


Brand: Dragon Door


  • The Ultimate Isometric Gym – The IsoMax redefines strength training with its lightweight, fully-functional digital isometric barbell exercise equipment. It’s a home gym dream come true, allowing you to perform exercises like bench presses, squats, and curls isometrically without the need for extensive space or costly equipment.
  • Unlock Faster Gains, Safer Workouts – Isometrics, a static form of training, accelerates absolute strength gains, muscle development, speed, and explosiveness. Plus, it aids in fat loss, speedy recovery, and improved cardiovascular fitness. Say goodbye to long, grueling workouts, and hello to efficient, effective training sessions with this arm exercise equipment.
  • Precision Meets Performance – The IsoMax home fitness equipment boasts patent-pending technology that measures your performance accurately. Its digital console and adjustable speaker allow you to track forces from 5 lbs up to 999.5 lbs, ensuring you’re always in control. It times your sets, provides audible feedback on your progress, and enhances your workout precision.
  • All-in-One Hi-Tech Gym – This powerful isometric exercise training device features a digital handle with a backlit LCD console for data display, a durable baseplate with slip-proof feet, a quick-adjust numbered strap for versatility, and a high-quality resistance band for dynamic warm-ups. It’s your complete isometric gym in one sleek package.
  • Quick-Start Guide Included – Ready to maximize your strength gains? The IsoMax comes with a Quick-Start Guide, explaining how to utilize all console features and offering productive workouts to kickstart your journey to supreme strength. Join the future of strength training with IsoMax and unleash your full potential.


Experience the future of strength training with the Dragon Door IsoMax Isometric Training Equipment. This innovative all-in-one workout machine revolutionizes home fitness with its lightweight digital barbell and isometric handgrip. With the ability to perform bench presses, squats, curls, and more isometrically, this gym equipment maximizes strength gains, muscle development, and overall performance. The precision of the digital console, adjustable speaker, and force measurement technology ensures accurate tracking of your progress, making workouts efficient and effective. Get ready to unleash your full potential with the Dragon Door IsoMax and elevate your fitness journey like never before.

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