CROSS101 Weighted Vest Arctic/Desert Camouflage 140lbs Desert CAMO


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Enhance your workouts with the CROSS101 Weighted Vest in Desert Camo, available in weights from 20lbs to 140lbs. Boost your training intensity and endurance with this versatile and high-quality weighted vest. Stand out in style during your fitness sessions with the attractive Desert Camo design.


Brand: CROSS101


Enhance your workouts with the CROSS101 Arctic/Desert Camouflage Weighted Vest. Designed by CROSS101, this vest adds resistance ranging from 20lbs to 140lbs, with the 140LBS Desert CAMO variant offering maximum intensity. Perfect for strength training, running, or any fitness routine, this vest allows for a customizable and challenging workout experience. The camouflage design adds a stylish touch while the secure fit ensures comfort during movement. Elevate your fitness journey with the CROSS101 Weighted Vest.

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