Body-Solid Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine Grey/Black


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Transform your home gym into a powerhouse with the Body-Solid GLCE365 Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine. Target and strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings with precision. Enjoy efficient and comfortable workouts with this versatile fitness equipment.


Brand: Body-Solid

Color: Grey / Black


  • Fully adjustable for any size user, the recumbent
  • DuraFirm back pad with hold-down grips can be set to 3 upright positions and 2 supinated positions for traditional leg curls.
  • Hold down grips on both back and thigh pads for support and stability.
  • Wide base eliminates rocking for a solid leg workout.
  • Weight plate post is 1″ dia.
  • Dimensions: 55″L x 27″W x 48″H


The Body-Solid GLCE365 Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine offers a versatile and sturdy solution for your leg workout routine. With fully adjustable features, including a DuraFirm back pad and hold-down grips, this machine accommodates users of all sizes. The wide base ensures stability during workouts, while the various positioning options cater to individual preferences. Say goodbye to rocking motions during exercises, as this machine provides a solid platform for an effective leg workout. The sleek grey and black design, along with its compact dimensions of 55″L x 27″W x 48″H, make it a practical and stylish addition to any home gym.

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