BKC SUP AIR 13-Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board w/Pedal Drive, Seat, Paddle by BKC


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Experience the ultimate adventure on the water with the BKC SUP AIR 13-foot inflatable stand-up paddle board. This versatile board comes equipped with a convenient pedal drive, comfortable seat, and paddle for all your aquatic escapades. Get ready to explore in style on this sleek red paddle board!


Brand: BKC

Color: Multiple


  • Cruise Your Way: Sit down and pedal or paddle. Or both. Stand up and keep on going. The BKC SUP AIR Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board can be operated as a kayak with or without the pedals or used as a SUP
  • Pack It Down: When not plying the water, the BKC SUP AIR Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board inflatable vessel can be packed down small enough for storage on a shelf or in a closet
  • Enjoy the Extras: The SUP AIR comes with a paddle, a pedal, and pully control steering system, an adjustable seat, and even a patch repair kit
  • Choose Your Style: The BKC SUP AIR comes in multiple colors — choose from red, gray, or yellow


The BKC SUP AIR 13-Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers versatility and convenience for water enthusiasts. Whether you prefer sitting down and pedaling, standing up and paddling, or a combination of both, this paddle board adapts to your style. Easily switch between kayak and SUP modes with the included pedal drive, seat, and paddle. When not in use, the inflatable board can be deflated and stored compactly. With a pully control steering system, adjustable seat, and patch repair kit, the BKC SUP AIR provides everything you need for a seamless water adventure. Choose from multiple colors to suit your preference.

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