Bells of Steel Rubber Hex Dumbbells Set Black


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Upgrade your gym setup with the Bells of Steel Rubber Hex Dumbbells. These durable weights are perfect for home and commercial gyms, offering 6 pairs of ergonomic 55-80 lb medium-knurled dumbbells with a 5 lb increment, and a comfortable 34mm handle diameter. Elevate your workout routine with this versatile and high-quality dumbbell set.


Brand: Bells of Steel

Color: Black


  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: If anyone says that comfort doesn’t matter, feel free to toss their opinion in the trash. These rubber hex dumbbells have an ergonomic handle to maximize comfort. With a medium knurling, you’ll have a solid grip without your hands getting chewed up.
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE: Cheap dumbbells can be as far as 10% under or over their claimed weight. Mismatched dumbbells are not only annoying to use, but you can also cause strength and muscle imbalances. Our rubber hex dumbbells are accurate to +/- 3% of the claimed weight.
  • REDUCE INJURY: Rounded dumbbells often roll away when set on the floor, becoming a tripping hazard. Hex dumbbells don’t have this issue due to the hexagonal shape of the rubber-encased heads. Like a good dog, these will stay put when you tell them to.
  • WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE: The 55-80lb classic Rubber Hex Dumbbell set gives an unbeatable bang for your buck with chrome-coated ergonomic handle that fits in your hand like it was meant to be there.
  • STEEL STRONG GUARANTEE: We get it; online shopping can be tough when you can’t touch and test what you’re buying. Our Canadian company stands behind all of our products and are confident you will be 100% satisfied, if not contact our support team at Bells of Steel.


Enhance your home or commercial gym with the Bells of Steel Rubber Hex Dumbbells set, featuring 6 pairs of ergonomic 55-80 lb medium-knurled dumbbells in a sleek black color. Designed with comfort in mind, these dumbbells boast an ergonomic handle with medium knurling for a secure grip without sacrificing comfort. Ensuring accuracy in your workouts, these dumbbells are precise to within +/- 3% of their claimed weight, preventing strength and muscle imbalances. The hexagonal shape of the rubber-encased heads reduces the risk of injury by preventing the dumbbells from rolling away. Enjoy the unbeatable quality of these dumbbells, backed by the Steel Strong Guarantee from Bells of Steel.

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