Bells of Steel Fixed Barbell Curl Barbell Standard Diameter


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Achieve your fitness goals with the Bells of Steel Premium Fixed Barbell Curl Bar. Perfectly preset for weight lifting, this 100 lbs barbell features light knurling for a secure grip. Enhance your workout routine with this durable and versatile curl bar.


Brand: Bells of Steel


  • 🎯 Effortless Weight Selection: Say goodbye to the hassle of plate math! Our Fixed Barbell Curl are the pinnacle of convenience. These bad boys come in 10 preset weight increments, so you can quickly grab the perfect weight for your workout without wasting a second on calculating. And with an entire 20-110lb set, you can permanently kiss the chore of fumbling with weight plates goodbye — plus, the biggest home-gym-flex is unparalleled convenience.
  • 💪 Built to Endure: Just like your commitment to those gains, our Fixed Barbell Curl Bar are forged for the long haul. Thanks to their durable finish, these preset beauties resist rust around the clock and are ready to stand the test of time. And unlike low-quality alternatives that have hollow cores, the shafts of these fixed bars are solid steel cores. So, go ahead and sweat it out, push your limits, and leave your worries about maintenance behind!
  • 🎖 Curve for the Win: Ever wished your barbell felt like a seamless extension of your hands? Meet the Curl Barbell Fixed – the bro-friendly handshake of the gym world. The standard diameter of the bar shaft is just the right size so you can focus on achieving that glorious pump. They feature a joint-friendly curved design and light knurling that’s perfect for those classic barbell exercises. With six sets of strategically placed smooth ring markings, hand placement becomes second nature.
  • 📦 What’s in the Package – The Bells of Steel Fixed Barbell Curl itself. The useable shaft length of the Fixed Curl Barbells is 25.125″/638mm.
  • 🏆 Satisfaction Guaranteed: We’re all about those gainz and customer satisfaction. If this fixed barbells curl don’t level up your lifting game, we’ve got your back with our satisfaction guarantee. Our legendary customer support is always ready to spot you.


The Fixed Barbell Curl by Bells of Steel is the epitome of convenience and durability for your weightlifting workouts. With 10 preset weight options ranging from 20 to 110 lbs, selecting the perfect weight has never been easier. Crafted with solid steel cores and a rust-resistant finish, these barbells are built to last through your toughest workouts. The standard diameter and curved design with light knurling provide a comfortable grip for classic barbell exercises. Say goodbye to plate math and hello to seamless lifting with these premium curl barbells. The package includes the Fixed Barbell Curl itself, with a usable shaft length of 25.125 inches. Elevate your lifting game with these fixed barbells and enjoy the support of Bells of Steel’s satisfaction guarantee.

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