Baseline Digital Hydraulic Wrist Dynamometer 500 lbs


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Enhance your grip strength with Baseline’s 12-0251 Digital Hydraulic Wrist Dynamometer boasting a 500 lbs capacity. Track and improve your wrist strength with precision and ease. Ideal for athletes, therapists, and fitness enthusiasts seeking to level up their performance.


Brand: Baseline


  • Baseline digital hydraulic wrist dynamometer
  • The Baseline wrist/forearm dynamometer features the time proven hydraulic system used in the industry accepted Baseline and Jamar hand dynamometers
  • Simply and accurately measure the strength of the wrist muscles during flexion, extension, abduction and adduction and forearm muscles during supination and pronation
  • Wrist and forearm strength can now be measured
  • Made in USA with a 1-year manufactures warrantee; CE certified


The Baseline 12-0251 Digital Hydraulic Wrist Dynamometer by Baseline is a reliable tool designed to measure wrist and forearm strength with precision. Featuring a time-proven hydraulic system used in industry-accepted hand dynamometers, this device allows for accurate measurement of muscle strength during various movements such as flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, supination, and pronation. Made in the USA and backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, this CE-certified dynamometer is a valuable addition to any professional or personal fitness toolkit.

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