AQUA BOUND Tango Carbon Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle 240cm


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Upgrade your kayaking experience with the AQUA BOUND Tango Carbon Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle. This 2-piece paddle features a sleek design and lightweight carbon construction for enhanced performance on the water. With a length of 240cm, this paddle is perfect for all your paddling adventures.

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  • Hand-crafted multi-laminate fiberglass blades
  • Compression-molded to increase strength & durability while decreasing weight
  • The ergonomic bent shaft allows for a more natural and comfortable position in your hands
  • Posi-Lok ferrule w/ corrosion-free construction
  • This ultra light instrument allows for a smooth, efficient forward stroke


Experience unparalleled performance on the water with the AQUA BOUND Tango Carbon Bent Shaft 2-Piece Kayak Paddle. Crafted with precision, this paddle features hand-crafted multi-laminate fiberglass blades that are compression-molded for enhanced strength and reduced weight. The ergonomic bent shaft design ensures a natural and comfortable grip, while the Posi-Lok ferrule with corrosion-free construction guarantees durability. Enjoy a smooth and efficient paddling experience with this ultra-light instrument designed for optimal performance.

UPC: 717320493725