All Turf Mats Super Tee Golf Mat with Integrated Ball Tray 5′ x 5′


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Elevate your golf game with the All Turf Mats Super Tee Golf Mat, designed for professional-level training. Featuring an integrated ball tray, this premium turf mat offers ultimate precision and convenience. Perfect your swing indoors or outdoors with this durable 5 feet x 5 feet golf mat.


Brand: All Turf Mats


  • Crafted from high-performance nylon, our golf mat ensures unparalleled durability, withstanding rigorous practice sessions to provide a long-lasting and resilient surface. This premium material delivers a realistic feel, giving you the authentic experience of a professional golf course right in your own space. Elevate your practice with the robust and lasting performance of our nylon-enhanced golf mat.
  • Versatility at its finest! Our golf mat is designed to effortlessly accommodate any size wooden tee, offering you the flexibility to tailor your practice to your preferences. Whether you prefer standard, oversized, or specialty tees, our mat provides a secure and stable hold, ensuring a seamless and personalized training experience. Experience the freedom to refine your swing with the convenience and adaptability of our tee-friendly golf mat.
  • Maximize your golf practice with the added convenience of our inclusive golf ball tray. This thoughtful addition keeps your golf balls within easy reach, streamlining your training sessions for a seamless and organized experience. Elevate your practice routine with this practical accessory, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips to make the most out of your golfing sessions.
  • Experience golf practice with comfort and precision! Our cutting-edge golf mat is thoughtfully engineered to be gentle on your elbow and wrist joints, providing a practice surface that prioritizes comfort without compromising performance. The cushioned design ensures a soft impact, making each swing a joy while reducing strain on your joints. Elevate your training sessions with a golf mat that cares for your well-being, allowing you to focus on perfecting your game without discomfort or fatigue.
  • Revolutionize your practice with our advanced golf mat that goes beyond the basics. Uniquely designed to absorb club shock, this mat provides an unparalleled experience by mitigating impact and reducing vibrations. Enjoy a smooth and responsive feel with every swing, as our innovative technology cushions the force, offering you a practice surface that not only enhances performance but also promotes a more comfortable and enjoyable training session.


Enhance your golf practice with the All Turf Mats Super Tee Golf Mat with Integrated Ball Tray. Crafted from high-performance nylon, this premium golf mat offers unparalleled durability and a realistic feel for a professional-grade training experience. Versatile and accommodating, it securely holds any size wooden tee, while the integrated ball tray keeps your golf balls within reach for seamless practice sessions. Engineered for comfort and precision, this golf mat is designed to be gentle on your joints, ensuring a soft impact with each swing. With advanced shock-absorbing technology, this mat minimizes impact and vibrations, providing a smooth and responsive feel for an elevated training session that prioritizes performance and comfort.

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