XMark The BIG EASY Squat Bar 32mm Grip Black


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Experience the power of the XMARK BIG EASY Squat Bar – engineered for maximum strength with a 2000 lb weight capacity. Perfect for advanced lifters looking to conquer their heaviest lifts with confidence. Elevate your workout and reach new heights in your strength training routine.


Brand: XMark

Color: Black


  • A HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: The XMARK BIG EASY Squat bar weighs 25kg / 55lbs and is precision tooled to a weight tolerance of ±1% to ensure balance and consistency during your heaviest lifts.
  • MOUNTAIN KNURL: With an aggressive knurling which runs the length of the bar shaft, the Big Easy offers a great grip in the hands and on the back. Never worry about bar slippage again.
  • SUPERIOR FINISH: The QPQ coating on the sleeves of the Big Easy offers a combination of hardness and corrosion resistance, making it an excellent choice for enhancing performance and longevity.
  • PRECISION CRAFTING: Crafted to perfection, and designed for intense training, the Big Easy is a must-have for serious lifters seeking the ultimate in strength and style.
  • LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL: Take your squats to the next level the Louisiana way! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


The XMARK The BIG EASY Squat Bar is a heavyweight champion designed to handle your heaviest lifts with ease. Weighing 55lbs and featuring a precision tooled construction with a weight tolerance of ±1%, this bar ensures balance and consistency during intense workouts. The aggressive mountain knurl provides a secure grip, while the QPQ coating on the sleeves offers both hardness and corrosion resistance. Crafted for serious lifters, this bar is perfect for advanced trainers looking to enhance their performance and style. Elevate your squat game with the XMARK BIG EASY Squat Bar and experience the ultimate in strength and durability.

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Weight 55.0 kg
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