XMark Leg Exercise Machine with Rotary Leg Extension and Leg Curl Gray


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Transform your leg workout routine with the XMark Leg Exercise Machine. This versatile equipment features a rotary leg extension and leg curl for targeted muscle gains. With adjustable weight plate loading and upgraded design, achieve a full range of motion and strengthen your hamstrings effectively.


Brand: XMark

Color: Gray


  • Strong hamstrings and quadriceps are crucial for balance, speed, and coordination. XMark’s rotary leg extension and curl machine isolates the quadriceps and hamstrings while providing a full range of motion through each movement. 
  • As XMark’s top of the line leg extension and curl machine, the XMark XM-7615 is designed with 12-position vertically-adjustable thigh pads, a 20-position adjustable press arm to fit various leg lengths, and a fully adjustable backrest pad. This machine sports a steel 12-gauge heavy duty 2 x 3-inch mainframe construction coated in a baked scratch-resistant powder coat finish with bolted-on, skid resistant feet. It also boasts an oversized chrome cam and a rear weight post for extra stability.
  • Both standard and Olympic weight plates are supported with the XMark Rotary Leg Machine.  Included is a 14″ chrome Olympic adapter sleeve for use with Olympic weight plates. Be sure to check out XMark’s full line of Olympic weights including the Texas Star, Black Diamond, and Tri-Grip plates.
  • The extra thick 3 inch sweat and tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl cushions and pads, including oversized 4.33 inch vinyl covered thigh pads with chrome end caps as well as rubber grip handlebars with molded finger grips will ensure that your exercise routine is a comfortable and enjoyable experience to help you maximize your workout. Sculpt, build, and define your body with the XMark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine.
  • At the request of our customers we’ve made improvements to the XM-7615 beginning with the updated assembly instructions which should be very clear and includes more images. Because this is a extra heavy unit weighing approximately 125 lbs, we’ve redesigned it to ship in multiple boxes alleviating any damage that may have been caused by shipping in our previously oversized box.


Enhance your leg workout with the XMark Leg Exercise Machine featuring Rotary Leg Extension and Leg Curl capabilities. Designed by XMark, this top-of-the-line machine isolates the quadriceps and hamstrings for a full range of motion, essential for balance and coordination. With adjustable thigh pads and press arm, sturdy 12-gauge construction, and compatibility with both standard and Olympic weight plates, this machine offers versatility and stability. The updated model includes improved assembly instructions and multiple-box shipping to prevent damage, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout experience. Sculpt and strengthen your lower body with the XMark Leg Exercise Machine for optimal fitness results.

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