XM Xtreme Monkey Fitness 21″ Step Through Olympic & Weightlifting Hex/Trap Bar


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Get the most out of your weightlifting routine with the XM Xtreme Monkey Fitness 21″ Olympic & Weightlifting Hex/Trap Bar. This sturdy and versatile bar allows for a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups effectively. Elevate your workouts and reach your fitness goals with this top-quality equipment.


Brand: XM


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The Xtreme Monkey Hex/Trap Bar Is A More Advanced Version Of The Traditional Hex Bar. It’s A Versatile Bar Due It The Step-thorugh Open Feature. This Allows You To Enter & Exit The Bar With Ease, As Well As Provide A Greater Range Of Motion On Your Lifts.
  • INTENSIFY YOUR WORKOUTS – This Better Version Of The Hex Bar Can Be Used For Multiple Different Exercises. Other Than Using It As The Usual Shrugs And Deadlift Trap Bar, You Can Also Use It To Do Normal Lunges, Stationary Box Lunges, Single Leg Squats, Overhead Shoulder Presses, Yolk Carries, Plyo Step Ups, Farmers Walk, and Other Innovative Exercises.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT – The Xtreme Monkey Hex/Trap Deadlift Bar Is Made From High-quality Stainless Steel. Its Innovative Design Combines Both The Handle Placements Of The High & Regular Hex Bars. The Bar Is Also Coated In And Advanced-technology Non-slip Coating, Which Adds Some Much-needed Comfort While Working Out.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO STRAIN – The Xtreme Monkey Fitness Hex Bar Is Designed To Prevent Any Strains On Your Lower Back. This Deadlift Hex Bar Keeps The Weight Evenly-Distributed Throughout Your Body, Promoting Overall Balance During Your Workouts.
  • PROTECTION & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Buy Our Product With Confidence! We’ve Got Your Back Throughout The Entire Process. We Offer More Than Just Your Typical Money-back Guarantee. If You Encountered Any Issue With The XM Hex/Trap Bar, Return It To Us And We’ll Send You A Refund On Your Purchase, Plus A New One, For FREE. Now That’s An Offer You Can’t Miss!


Enhance your weightlifting routine with the XM Xtreme Monkey Fitness 21″ Step Through Olympic & Weightlifting Hex/Trap Bar. This innovative bar offers a step-through open feature for easy entry and exit, allowing for a greater range of motion during lifts. Made from high-quality stainless steel and featuring an advanced non-slip coating, this bar provides comfort and durability. Say goodbye to lower back strain as the weight is evenly distributed throughout your body, promoting balance during workouts. Plus, with a satisfaction guarantee including a refund and replacement offer, you can trust in the quality and support of this versatile hex/trap bar.

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