Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 Sit Inside Touring Kayak Rudder 14 ft Desert Eclipse


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Explore the waters in style with the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 Sit-Inside Touring Kayak. Equipped with a rudder for easy maneuvering, this 14 ft kayak offers multiple storage options for all your essentials. Choose the Desert Eclipse design for a sleek and adventurous look on your outdoor excursions.


Brand: Wilderness Systems

Color: Desert Eclipse


  • The Swiss army knife of touring kayaks
  • Exceptionally fast, yet stable in all conditions
  • Features the most comfortable kayak seat out there to keep you on the water longer
  • Easily adjustable Keepers XL foot rests accommodate paddlers of different sizes; adjustable padded thigh braces add comfort and allow for a good connection with the kayak
  • Two mesh gear pockets on deck keep your important smaller items secure and within easy reach; under deck water bottle holder keeps your water bottle close and out of the way


The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 Sit-Inside Touring Kayak in Desert Eclipse is the Swiss army knife of kayaks, offering exceptional speed and stability in all conditions. Featuring the most comfortable kayak seat available, this 14-foot kayak with rudder is designed for extended paddling adventures. With easily adjustable footrests and padded thigh braces, it ensures a tailored fit for paddlers of all sizes. The two mesh gear pockets on the deck keep essential items secure and easily accessible, while the under-deck water bottle holder keeps hydration close at hand. Perfect for exploring lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, this kayak is a versatile choice for enthusiasts seeking both performance and comfort on the water.

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Weight 53.0 kg
Dimensions 168.0 × 25.5 × 14.0 cm