Whole Body Vibration Machine – Dual Motor Commercial Dual Motor Large Vibrating Platform USB Programmable


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Experience the ultimate workout with the Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine by SDI. Featuring a powerful 2HP motor and a large vibrating platform, this commercial-grade equipment can support up to 440 lbs. Take your training to the next level with USB programmable settings for a customized fitness experience.



  • Fitness, Weight Loss, Anti-Cellulite, Builds Bone Density, Relaxes Muscles, Improves Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Injury Rehabilitation.
  • Large 27″ Vibration Platform with Tri Motion 3D Spacial Movements. 3 Vibration Modes: Triangular Oscillation, Spiral, Dual.
  • Dual Quiet Brushless DC Motors (500 Watt + 300 Watt) with 2HP Max Power
  • Heavy Duty All Steel Commercial Grade Frame Construction with 1 Year Warranty. User weight capability: 440 lbs. Assembly dimensions (L x W x H) : 23″ x 27″ x 53″.
  • Maximum G-force : 12 G. Frequency ranges : 5-20 Hz (Oscillation), 22-40 Hz (Spiral), 27-60 Hz (Dual). Max amplitude : 10 mm (Oscillation), 2 mm (Spiral), 10 mm (Dual). Settings for each mode : 60


Enhance your fitness routine with the Whole Body Vibration Machine – Dual Motor by SDI. This commercial-grade machine offers a variety of benefits, including weight loss, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and more. Featuring a large 27″ vibrating platform with Tri Motion 3D spacial movements and three vibration modes, this machine provides a customizable workout experience. The dual quiet brushless DC motors deliver a powerful 2HP maximum power, while the heavy-duty all-steel construction ensures durability. With a user weight capacity of 440 lbs and multiple frequency ranges and settings, this vibration machine is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to take their workout to the next level.

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