Werner Paddles Cyprus Carbon Kayak Paddle 215cm


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Explore the water with ease using the Werner Cyprus Carbon Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle. With its lightweight and durable carbon construction, this 215cm paddle offers efficient strokes and reduced fatigue for longer outings. Elevate your kayaking experience with this high-performance paddle from Werner.


Brand: Werner Paddles


  • Ultimate performance brings together all of our most advanced designs
  • Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers
  • The volume of a buoyant deigned carbon blade creates an exceedingly light feel
  • Dynel edges protect the paddle from the rigorous environment
  • A roping material, dynel is impact and abrasion resistant


The Werner Cyprus Carbon Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle-215cm is a top-of-the-line paddle designed for ultimate performance. Crafted by Werner Paddles, this paddle integrates advanced designs to provide exceptional efficiency on the water. The mid-sized blades are perfectly suited for the majority of average size paddlers, while the buoyant carbon blade ensures a lightweight feel. With dynel edges that offer protection against the elements and a durable construction that is impact and abrasion-resistant, this paddle is a reliable choice for any kayaking enthusiast looking to enhance their experience on the water.

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