Vivelo LA Donna Beach Cruiser for Women Complete Bike Aluminium Lightweight Frame 26-Inch 7-Speed Adele


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Explore the city in style with the Vivelo LA Donna Beach Cruiser for Women. This 26-inch bike features a lightweight aluminum frame, coaster brake, and a convenient lights set, making it perfect for urban adventures and leisurely rides. Conquer any terrain with ease thanks to the 7-speed Adele model!


Brand: Vivelo

Color: Adele


  • Ultra-feminine, full of color and charm: Extremely beautiful, but also very functional, La Donna cruiser bicycle is a bike for women who appreciate beauty and comfort. Erect posture and a large, soft, double-spring saddle will make every mile ridden on La Donna a pleasure.
  • Suitable for women: This 26” beach cruiser bike was designed to have a perfect figure on it, people with a height of 4’7″ – 6′ (143cm-183cm) and weight up to 250 lbs. Weighing 30 lbs, this cruiser bike is perfect for women and is easy to ride and handle.
  • Ideal for city & urban trails: It features a 3 or 7-speed transmission which allows you to drive smoothly on bumpy roads or conquer urban hills. The bike with an optimal wheelbase also makes it easy to travel on less rigid trails, such as forest paths.
  • Add basket or carrier rack: You can add a basket or carrier rack to this girl’s beach cruiser bike and you can carry your little girly essentials wherever you go. It is specially designed for all the women who love the amalgamation of beauty and comfort.
  • Aluminum Construction: Vivelo aluminum bicycle frame is made of premium quality and sturdy 6061 aluminum for required durability and long-lasting use. This lightweight bike also meets European and American safety standards.


Experience the perfect blend of beauty and functionality with the Vivelo LA Donna Beach Cruiser for Women Complete Bike in the elegant Adele color. This 26-inch cruiser bike is designed for women who appreciate style and comfort, featuring an ultra-feminine design with a comfortable double-spring saddle. Ideal for heights ranging from 4’7″ to 6′ and weights up to 250 lbs, this lightweight aluminum bike is easy to handle and ride. Whether cruising through the city or conquering urban hills, the 7-speed transmission ensures a smooth journey. Add a basket or carrier rack to carry essentials on the go. Enjoy the durability and safety of the premium 6061 aluminum frame that meets European and American standards. Perfect for leisurely rides in the city or adventures on urban trails, the Vivelo LA Donna Beach Cruiser embodies both elegance and practicality for the modern woman.

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Dimensions 73.0 × 28.0 × 42.0 cm