Total Gym Foldable Incline Rowing Machine with 6 Resistance Levels, Black


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Discover the Total Gym Foldable Rowing Machine, featuring 6 resistance levels for a customizable workout experience. Achieve over 20 cardio and strength training exercises with ease. Say hello to your new favorite fitness companion in sleek black.


Brand: Total Gym


  • The Total Gym Ergonomic Incline Rowing Machine offers cardio and strength training with its ergonomic home rower that is appropriately sized for precise rowing action emulation
  • This gym equipment for home will let you choose from 6 resistance levels to gradually challenge yourself, promoting strength gains and progress over time
  • Enjoy up to 20 different types of exercise variations for a all-around workout that targets major muscle groups and enhancing overall fitness with Total Gym
  • Conveniently fold and store this machine with the after use, optimizing your living space with its compact and upright design; Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 24 x 39 inches; Weight: 64 pounds
  • Tracking your progress motivates you, which is why the digital display allows you to track your rowing time, strokes per minute, total distance traveled, and calories burned


Enhance your home gym with the Total Gym Ergonomic Foldable Incline Rowing Machine. This versatile machine offers a combination of cardio and strength training with its ergonomic design that ensures precise rowing action emulation. With 6 resistance levels to choose from, you can gradually challenge yourself and track your progress with the digital display. Enjoy over 20 different exercise variations targeting major muscle groups for a comprehensive workout. When not in use, simply fold and store this compact machine to optimize your living space. Prioritize your fitness goals with this efficient and effective rowing machine from Total Gym.

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