TKO Leg Extension / Curl Graphite


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Strengthen and sculpt your legs with this versatile leg extension/curl machine. Perfect for targeting quadriceps and hamstrings for a well-rounded lower body workout. Achieve your fitness goals with this essential piece of gym equipment.


Brand: TKO

Color: Graphite


  • 6 position back pad adjustment
  • Compact design
  • 170lb Weight stack
  • Dimensions: 58″ x 49″ x 60″


Enhance your leg workout routine with the TKO Leg Extension/Curl machine in Graphite. This versatile equipment features a 6-position back pad adjustment for customized comfort during your exercises. Its compact design saves space while offering a 170lb weight stack for challenging workouts. With dimensions of 58″ x 49″ x 60″, this machine is ideal for home gyms or fitness centers. Upgrade your leg training with this durable and efficient TKO machine.

UPC: 708650601867