Titan Fitness Vertical Leg Press Machine 400 LB Capacity Diamond Footplate Olympic Plate Compatible


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Maximize your lower body workout with the Titan Fitness Vertical Leg Press Machine. With a 400 lb capacity and diamond footplate, this machine is Olympic plate compatible for intense leg presses. Strengthen your legs with high-intensity exercises using this sturdy and effective equipment.


Brand: Titan Fitness


  • Takes the stress off of your back and isolates your lower body
  • Three weight posts for plenty of room to add weight
  • Adjustable footplate starting height to suit different size athletes
  • High-quality steel construction and pads for a solid, comfortable design.
  • Dual post design lets you feel the weight on either leg


Enhance your leg strengthening workout with the Titan Fitness Vertical Leg Press Machine. Designed to isolate your lower body and take stress off your back, this machine features a sturdy steel construction with high-quality pads for a comfortable exercise experience. The three weight posts provide ample room for adding weight, while the adjustable footplate starting height accommodates athletes of different sizes. The dual post design allows you to focus on each leg individually, making high-intensity presses more effective. Compatible with Olympic plates, this machine has a 400 lb capacity and a diamond footplate for added stability during your lower body workout sessions.

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