Titan Fitness TITAN Series Rack-Mounted Revolving Pull-Up System Black


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Upgrade your home gym with the Titan Fitness TITAN Series Rack-Mounted Revolving Pull-Up System. This versatile system features a choice of 1.25″ or 2″ pull-up bars, offering a comfortable grip and smooth rotation for a powerful upper body workout. Easy to install and durable, perfect for enhancing your fitness routine.


Brand: Titan Fitness

Color: Black


  • RACK MOUNTED SETUP: The revolver mounts to your TITAN Series Power Rack with six 1-inch bolts. Place the revolving system at any level to challenge your intensity.
  • PULL-UP BAR OPTIONS: Allows for four pull-up bars. Titan offers (4) 1.25-inch Standard or (4) 2-inch fat bars that lock into place. Train to be better than you were yesterday, adjust your resistance, and keep climbing.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The revolving system is constructed from durable steel, built to withstand continuous abuse, and powder-coated black for a longer-lasting finish.
  • DIMENSIONS: The rack-mounted revolving fitness system is 48-inches long, sits 25.25-inches deep, and stands 17.375-inches high. Featuring (4) pull-up bars with an overall length of 37.75-inches.


Enhance your workout routine with the Titan Fitness TITAN Series Rack-Mounted Revolving Pull-Up System, available with either 1.25-inch or 2-inch pull-up bars. Designed to mount easily to your TITAN Series Power Rack, this system offers versatility and durability. With options for four different pull-up bars, including fat bars for added challenge, you can customize your training to push your limits. Constructed from sturdy steel and powder-coated for longevity, this revolving system is built to withstand intense use. Elevate your fitness regimen with this space-saving and adaptable pull-up system.

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