Titan Fitness Plate-Loaded Linear Hack Squat Press Machine


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Enhance your leg day with the Titan Fitness Plate-Loaded Hack Squat Press Machine. With a 700 lb sled carriage, this compact and sturdy machine provides a full range of motion for a challenging workout. Upgrade your home gym and sculpt your lower body with this reliable and space-saving piece of equipment.


Brand: Titan Fitness


  • DEDICATED HACK SQUAT: The hack squat exercise isolates the quads while reducing lower back strain. Gradually increase your intensity in the compact leg sled with the guidance of the machineâ€s smooth carriage.
  • OLYMPIC WEIGHT POSTS: Featuring 9.75-inches of loadable sleeve length, load up on weight plates to add intensity to your squats. The machine has a 700-pound weight capacity.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: The Hack Squat Machine features thick, comfortable adjustable back padding that will reduce strain and stress on your lower back. The comfortable pads are found on both the seat and back.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: High-quality steel construction makes this a solid and stable piece of fitness equipment. The large diamond-plated footplate offers plenty of grips and the powder-coated paint will leave a longer-lasting finish.
  • DIMENSIONS: The Hack Squat Machine features a 700-pound weight carriage that travels at a 35-degree angle and provides a footprint of 46.75 x 60.5-inches.Â


Enhance your leg workout routine with the Titan Fitness Plate-Loaded Dedicated Linear Hack Squat Press Machine. Designed to isolate the quads and minimize lower back strain, this compact leg press features comfortable padding for added support. With Olympic weight posts allowing for increased intensity and a durable steel construction for stability, this machine can handle up to 700 pounds. The Hack Squat Machine provides a smooth carriage motion and a 35-degree weight carriage angle, making it a versatile and essential addition to your home gym.

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