Titan Fitness Outdoor Power Tower Red


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Elevate your outdoor workouts with the Titan Fitness Power Tower, offering 4-in-1 workout stations in vibrant red. Strengthen your upper body with pull-ups, dips, and push-ups, while targeting your core with knee raises. Enjoy versatile training options with this durable and space-saving fitness equipment.


Brand: Titan Fitness

Color: Red


  • VERSATILE PULL-UP STATION: Improve your functional strength with the multi-grip pull-up station that helps target your lats, back, and biceps by performing multiple reps. NOTE: A close grip will engage your biceps, while a wide grip will focus on your lats and back.
  • BUILT-IN DIP STATION: Develop upper-body strength with the built-in horizontal dip bars extended out from the forearm frames. Using your body weight to focus on your chest and triceps, adjust your body’s angle to isolate these core muscles; the more profound your angle, the more you will engage your chest.
  • VERTICAL KNEE RAISE STATION: Strengthen your abdominal muscles by locking your grip to the vertical hand bars, then raise your knees to your chest to target your core, hip flexors, and quads.
  • PUSH-UP STATION: The built-in elevated push-up station allows you to target your chest and shoulders. NOTE: Keeping your arms close to your sides targets your triceps or position yourself in a broader pose to isolate your chest.
  • DIMENSIONS: 86″ (H) x 29″ (W) x 49.5″ (D) / Finish: Powder-Coated Red / Material: 3-in Steel Tubing / Product Weight: 98 lb.


Enhance your outdoor workout routine with the Titan Fitness Outdoor Power Tower in striking red. This 4-in-1 station offers a versatile pull-up bar to target your back and biceps, a dip station for building upper-body strength, a vertical knee raise station to strengthen your core, and an elevated push-up station for chest and shoulder workouts. Crafted from durable 3-inch steel tubing and finished with a powder-coated red color, this power tower stands tall at 86 inches high, 29 inches wide, and 49.5 inches deep, weighing 98 pounds. Elevate your fitness regimen with this all-in-one outdoor power tower from Titan Fitness.

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Weight 98.0 kg
Dimensions 49.5 × 29.0 × 86.0 cm