Synergee Leg Press Machine with LAT Pull Down Attachment Black


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Transform your home gym with the Synergee Leg Press Machine featuring a LAT Pull Down Attachment. Strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads with ease. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs, this machine is a must-have for your workout routine!


Brand: Synergee

Color: Black


  • ★ 400 LB WEIGHT CAPACITY ★ – Unleash the beast with the Synergee Leg Press Machine. Break old squat and deadlift plateaus with leg presses that target your quads, hams and glutes. And with a weight capacity of 400 lbs, this machine will push you to new heights. Challenge yourself to lift heavier and enjoy the strength and physique gains that come with it!
  • ★ UPPER AND LOWER BODY ★ – When you buy a leg press machine, the last thing you expect to use it for is arm day. But when you’re working out with Synergee, you’ve got to expect the unexpected! Our leg press machine uses a pulley system to provide an awesome lower body burn; and that pulley system can easily be converted for lat pull down exercises, too! With the provided lat pull down bar and pulley machine hardware, you can get your full body workout done with this one piece of equipment.
  • ★ FOR 1”- AND 2”-OPENING WEIGHT PLATES ★ – Everyone’s home gym equipment is different, and we aim to make our equipment as versatile as possible to fit as many home gyms as possible. Our Leg Press Machine has adaptable loading pins that allow you to use 1” and 2” opening weight plates to get up to that 400 lb max capacity! No matter the weights you have on hand, you can put them to good use with this stellar piece of equipment.
  • ★ WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE ★ – The Synergee Leg Press Machine sits on a 68” x 24” base and 63” high. It is equipped with a 10” x 12” padded seat and a 24”x 12” padded back rest to provide a comfortable workout. It comes with a Lat Pull Down Bar and hardware required to clip it into the pulley system. This machine does not come with weights or weight clips.
  • ★ NO SWEAT ★ – Leave the sweating and swearing for your training! Buying from Synergee means quick and caring customer service! Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Goal!


Enhance your home gym with the Synergee Leg Press Machine with LAT Pull Down Attachment. This versatile machine boasts a 400 lb weight capacity, allowing you to target your quads, hams, and glutes with precision. Not stopping at lower body workouts, the pulley system easily converts for effective lat pull down exercises, offering a full-body workout experience. Compatible with 1” and 2” opening weight plates, this machine ensures adaptability for various home gym setups. With a comfortable padded seat and backrest, along with included Lat Pull Down Bar, this machine is a comprehensive solution for your strength training needs. Prioritize your fitness goals with Synergee’s reliable equipment and top-notch customer service.

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