Sunny Health & Fitness Slim Folding Treadmill with 12-Level Auto Incline Black

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Achieve your fitness goals with the Sunny Health & Fitness Interactive Slim Folding Treadmill. This innovative treadmill features a 12-Level Auto Incline, Advanced Brushless Technology, and exclusive SunnyFit App for personalized workouts. Stay connected with enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.


Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

Color: Black


  • SUNNYFIT App: Elevate your fitness journey with Sunny Health & Fitness. Download the SunnyFit app to explore 1000+ workout videos that fit your schedule and goals. Engage with expert trainers on the SunnyFit app for real-time tracking, personalized guidance, and customized workouts. Compete for the leaderboard, share your experience, track metrics, explore workout map and much more with this innovative app.
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR: These motors are fast and frictionless, offering a quieter treadmill running experience. Enjoy the feeling of running on solid ground from the comfort of your own home.
  • AUTOMATIC INCLINE: This treadmill boasts 12 preset incline options, that automatically adjust with just the touch of a button. Easily customize each workout so you always take on the perfect level of challenge.
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: Easily keep track of your progress during your workout. The large, adjustable LED console displays Calories, Distance, Pulse, Speed, and Time.
  • PULSE SENSORS: During your workout, grab the easy-to-reach grip sensors  to track your heart rate in real time. Use the heart-rate data to customize your preset and custom workout programs.
  • BOTTLE HOLDER: Keep your favorite beverage within arm’s length with this convenient bottle holder. No need to stop to sip, simply reach down and grab!
  • EMERGENCY STOP CLIP: Safety for our customers is our primary focus. This emergency stop clip will bring the treadmill to an immediate stop when detached.
  • TRANSPORTATION WHEELS: Avoid heavy lifting and muscle strain with the easy to use, built-in wheels. Simply tilt and roll out, to place your treadmill in the desired location.
  • SUNNY STATE OF MIND: In our 20 years of serving the fitness community, we have impacted the lives of over 10 million customers. We are confident that our treadmills are not only built to last but will also enable you to achieve your indoor cardio goals. Our vision and core mission are to stand beside you throughout your entire health and fitness process. We enable you to enjoy your workouts with our products and our SunnyFit app that comes with over 1000+ workouts.


Enhance your fitness routine with the Sunny Health & Fitness Interactive Slim Folding Treadmill. Featuring advanced brushless motor technology for a quiet workout experience, this treadmill offers a 12-level auto incline to customize your challenge level effortlessly. Track your progress with the digital monitor displaying key metrics like calories burned and heart rate, while the SunnyFit app provides access to a vast library of workout videos and personalized training from expert instructors. Safety features like the emergency stop clip and convenient bottle holder make this treadmill a reliable and user-friendly choice for achieving your indoor cardio goals. Transport wheels ensure easy mobility for versatile placement in your home gym. Join the Sunny state of mind and elevate your fitness journey with this innovative treadmill from Sunny Health & Fitness.

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