Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Heavy Duty Performance Power Cage Black

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Maximize your workouts with the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack. This heavy-duty performance power cage boasts a 1000 LB weight capacity, providing you with the strength and stability for intense exercises. Elevate your home gym with this sleek and powerful black SF-XF9933 model.


Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

Color: Black


  • HALF TON CAPACITY: Look no further for the ultimate in high capacity Power Racks; with a 1000 LB max weight capacity, you could make serious gains and push past your limits.
  • ADJUSTABLE PULL-UP BARS: The pull-up bars could be adjusted with settings to suit your height or type of workout.
  • SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE: Adjustable J-hooks and spotter arms with 18 settings give you peace of mind as you focus on your strength training.
  • RESISTANCE TRAINING: Attach resistance bands to the pegs located near the bottom of the SF-XF9933 Half Rack Power Cage to add additional resistance training to your strength exercises.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE QUALITY: Built for the most toughest and demanding of workouts. 2” x 2” high-quality steel pipe construction makes this one of the most durable strength cages around.
  • The SF-XF9933 Half Rack Power Cage is compatible with the following add ons: SF-BH620037, SF-BH620038, SF-BH6920, SF-BH6921, SF-BH622045, SF-BH6996, SF-XF9927, SF-XFA001, SF-XFA002, SF-XFA003, SF-XFA004, SF-XFA005, SF-XFA006, SF-XFA007, SF-XFA008, SF-XFA009


Achieve your strength training goals with the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Half Rack Heavy Duty Performance Power Cage. With an impressive 1000 LB weight capacity, this power rack allows you to push your limits and make serious gains. The adjustable pull-up bars cater to your height and workout preferences, while the adjustable J-hooks and spotter arms provide safety and peace of mind during your strength training sessions. The high-quality steel construction ensures durability and performance, making it perfect for the toughest workouts. Expand your workout possibilities by attaching resistance bands to the pegs for added resistance training. Compatible with a range of add-ons, this power cage is a versatile and essential addition to your home gym.

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