Sunny Health & Fitness Manual Treadmill Black

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Improve your endurance and stamina with the Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Curve Manual Treadmill. This innovative treadmill offers a challenging air running experience to enhance your workouts. Keep track of your progress with the digital monitor, perfect for home training sessions.


Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

Color: Black


  • 【NATURAL RUNNING MECHANICS】The curved shape of the treadmill promotes a more natural running form, encouraging the user to run on the balls of their feet. This mimics outdoor running conditions more closely than a flat treadmill.
  • 【ENHANCED CALORIE BURNING】The curved treadmills lead to higher calorie burn compared to standard motorized treadmills, it increases muscular effort and engagement to propel the running belt.
  • 【JOINT-FRIENDLY DESIGN FOR REDUCED IMPACT】Engineered with superior shock absorption, this treadmill lessens joint stress compared to running on hard surfaces or conventional treadmills, offering a gentler workout experience.
  • 【ADVANCED BELT DESIGN】Constructed with aluminum alloy core & rubber coating for durability, paired with 92 high-quality bearings & 14 steel idlers, this treadmill’s belt ensures a smooth, reliable workout while preventing lateral movement issues.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE SLED GRIP HANDLEBAR】Designed with flexibility in mind, the handlebar easily adjusts to accommodate various postures, ensuring versatility in workout positioning.
  • 【ADVANCED LCD MONITOR】Equipped with a digital display that comprehensively tracks time, calorie consumption, speed, distance, and odometer readings, offering essential workout data at a single glance.
  • 【HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY】Accommodates users up to 375 LB, this curved manual treadmill provides strong and reliable support for various body types.
  • 【ENHANCED CONVENIENCE PACKAGE】Comes with transportation wheels for easy relocation, a device holder for your electronics, a bottle holder to keep hydration at hand, and floor stabilizers for added stability during use.
  • 【SPACIOUS NON-SLIP BELT】Features a 61 x 17.7-inch running surface that provides ample space for movement and a non-slip texture for secure footing.
  • 【Sunny Health & Fitness Commitment】A top fitness brand for 20+ years, offers superior products and a dedication to excellence. Count on our committed customer service and enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty on the structural frame.


Enhance your home workout routine with the Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Curve Manual Treadmill. Designed to build endurance and increase stamina, this treadmill features a curved shape that promotes natural running mechanics, leading to higher calorie burn and reduced joint impact. The advanced belt design with aluminum alloy core ensures durability and smooth operation, while the adjustable sled grip handlebar offers versatility in workout positioning. The digital monitor tracks essential workout data, and with a weight capacity of 375 LB, transportation wheels for easy relocation, and a 3-year warranty on the structural frame, this treadmill combines convenience and performance for a top-tier home training experience.

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