Star Inflatables Star Viper Inflatable Kayak Red


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Introducing the sleek and versatile Star Viper Inflatable Kayak in vibrant red! Perfect for all skill levels, this kayak offers easy transportation and quick inflation for your next water adventure. Dive into the fun with this durable and stylish inflatable kayak today!


Brand: Star Inflatables

Color: Red


  • Creating a top-deck profile that makes the boat possible to roll
  • Creating a secure and comfortable cockpit for the paddler
  • Gives the paddler a stable and comfortable position above the water
  • Multiple D-rings on the bow and stern decks for rigging gear
  • Bow and stern handles make the Viper easy to carry to and from the water


The Star Viper Inflatable Kayak in Red by Star Inflatables offers a dynamic water adventure experience. Its top-deck profile allows for easy rolling, while the secure cockpit ensures comfort for the paddler. With a stable position above the water, this kayak provides a smooth ride. Equipped with multiple D-rings for gear rigging and convenient bow and stern handles for easy transport, the Star Viper is both versatile and practical for any water excursion.

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