SkiPack Folding Squat Rack Wall Mounted with Weight Bench Black

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Maximize your home gym space with the Mappding Folding Squat Rack – a durable 1100LBS weight capacity foldable power cage with pull-up bar. Ideal for squats, bench presses, and various strength training exercises. Create your own workout oasis in your garage or home gym.


Brand: SkiPack

Color: Black


  • Wall-mounted & Space Saving: Mappding foldable squat rack provide you with maximum exercise value with minimum space. It only takes few seconds to complete the folded storage or fully open. When it’s set up, it wastes no space since it uses your wall for support and provides ample room for squats, presses, pull ups, and more. Compact wall-mounted squat rack but makes full use of the vertical space in limited corners which is ideal for your spaces.
  • 1100Lbs Max Capacity: Mappding wall mount squat rack built with 60x60mm heavy steel uprights, you can add all the weight you desire to this rack up to 1100 lbs. Every piece is powder coated black for a secure grip, which more strength and durability. Secure locking mechanisms, superior construction with J-cups and Pull-Up bar, whether it’s squats, lift weights, deadlifts, or bench presses, let nothing hold you back.
  • Maximize Your Space: Transform any empty wall into exclusive workout power rack with Mappding Folding Squat Rack. Great for turning your garage or extra room in your house into a home gym. Foldable and space-saving, it only takes 15 seconds to switch between storage and use. Folded Size: 53”×86.2”. Open Size: 53”×22.8”×86.2”. This folding rack takes up almost no space beside the wall. All your workout equipment has a place to be stored and keeps the room clean.
  • Ideal for Workout Enthusiasts: Included 2pcs Professional J Hook, 1pc LAT PullUP Bar, 1pc 360° Detachable Landmine. 80″ height pull-up bar allows you to perform better pull-ups. Mappding 360° Landmines can be used with an Olympic bar or barbell. BACK SQUAT, BENCH PRESS, PULLUP, CHIN UP. You can do most exercises in this all-in-one power cage.
  • Easy Assembly: Concerned about assembling? No need to worry! No complicated tools needed, the weight rack comes with a clear assembly manual that helps you assemble it within 30 minutes! Also equipped with a quick-attach pull-up bar and J-cups. (NOTE: MAKE SURE THAT THE HEIGHT OF THE BOTTOM FITS THE SIZE OF YOUR HOME. HEIGHT OF 7.28″ FROM THE FLOOR AT THE BOTTOM). Create a home gym in your garage, basement, or spare room with Mappding.


Maximize your home gym space with the SkiPack Mappding Folding Squat Rack Wall Mounted with Weight Bench. This black foldable squat power rack is designed for efficiency, offering a 1100lbs weight capacity with sturdy steel construction and secure locking mechanisms. The space-saving design allows for easy storage when not in use, transforming any empty wall into an exclusive workout area. Complete with professional J Hooks, LAT PullUP Bar, and 360° Detachable Landmine, this rack caters to a variety of exercises from squats to pull-ups, making it an ideal choice for workout enthusiasts. With easy assembly and a compact footprint, this versatile rack is perfect for home gyms or garage workouts.

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