ShangWen Women Beach Cruiser Bike 7-Speed Hybrid Bicycle GN


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Explore the ultimate blend of style and comfort with the ShangWen Women Beach Cruiser Bike. This 7-speed hybrid is perfect for both men and women, offering a smooth ride for city commutes or leisurely trips along the beach. Get ready to cruise in style with this adult 26-inch bike.

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Brand: ShangWen

Color: GN


  • Frame:Sturdy hi-tensile 26inch Iron frame,provides excellent ride over any urban terrain
  • Gear: 7-speed drivetrain and twist shifters provides enough range to get through virtually any changes in INCLINES
  • Seat and grips:Ergonomic seat and grips provide exceptional comfort for short and long rides
  • Classic Comfort Bike: Curvy adults beach cruiser bicycle with 17-inch durable carbon steel frame, ideal for casual, comfortable, outdoor riding around the neighborhood and a commuter bike
  • Easy assembly:The model is already 85% pre-assembled and package come with necessary assembly tools,you only need to do handlebar,front wheel,saddle,pedal assembly,the installation will be really easy.


The ShangWen Women Beach Cruiser Bike is a versatile 7-speed hybrid bicycle suitable for both men and women. This adult 26-inch city bicycle, in a stylish GN color, features a sturdy hi-tensile iron frame that ensures a smooth ride over urban terrains. With its 7-speed drivetrain and twist shifters, it offers ample range to tackle various inclines effortlessly. The ergonomic seat and grips provide exceptional comfort for short jaunts or longer rides. Ideal for casual outdoor excursions or daily commuting, this classic comfort bike boasts a durable carbon steel frame and easy assembly, making it a practical and enjoyable choice for leisurely rides in the neighborhood.

UPC: 794697716053