Scubapro Exodry Men’s Drysuit Small


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Stay dry and comfortable underwater with the Scubapro Exodry Men’s Drysuit in small size. Designed for optimal performance, this drysuit is perfect for diving in a range of conditions. Invest in quality and enjoy your underwater adventures to the fullest.

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Brand: Scubapro


  • 4mm high-density neoprene resists compression so buoyancy variations are reduced at depth. Lightweight, saltwater resistant Ti-Zip dry zipper is extra-strong for years of use.
  • Heavy-duty kneepads protect both suit and lower legs when working on or near the bottom. Convenient zippered cargo pocket lets you safely carry extra gear or accessories.
  • SI-Tech valves move lots of air, enabling you to maintain total buoyancy control. I-Safe straps on both arms offer secure mounting spots for wrist instruments
  • Attached rubber boots provide excellent foot protection along with a non-slip sole for negotiating wet boat decks. Suit comes with a neoprene hood
  • Latex wrist and neck seals are thin yet durable and provide comfortable, watertight seals. Neoprene warm collar covers the latex neck seal to eliminate cold spots and increase comfort.


The Scubapro Exodry Mens Drysuit in size Small is a top-notch choice for diving enthusiasts seeking premium quality and advanced features. Crafted by Scubapro, this drysuit is made of 4mm high-density neoprene that resists compression, ensuring stable buoyancy at varying depths. The saltwater-resistant Ti-Zip dry zipper is durable, while heavy-duty kneepads protect the suit during underwater activities. With SI-Tech valves for buoyancy control and I-Safe straps for instruments, this drysuit offers practicality and safety. The suit’s rubber boots provide foot protection, and the neoprene hood adds versatility. Latex seals at the wrists and neck offer a secure fit, while the neoprene warm collar enhances comfort. Complete with a zippered cargo pocket for accessories, this Scubapro drysuit is a must-have for serious divers.

UPC: 647732647600