RUNmax RUNFast Weighted Vest With Shoulder Pads Black


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Enhance your workouts with the RUNFast Weighted Vest, featuring shoulder pads for added comfort and support. With adjustable weight options from 12lbs to 140lbs, this vest is perfect for leveling up your training regimen. Boost intensity and maximize your fitness gains with this versatile and durable weighted vest.


Brand: RUNmax

Color: Black


Enhance your workout intensity with the RUNFast 12lbs-140lbs Weighted Vest by RUNmax. This versatile vest comes with shoulder pads and a weight capacity of up to 140lbs, allowing you to tailor your resistance training to your fitness level. The sleek black color adds a touch of style to your exercise gear while the adjustable straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit during your workouts. Elevate your fitness routine and challenge yourself with this durable and high-quality weighted vest.

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