Riot Kayaks Edge 13 Touring Kayak Sunset (Orange/Yellow)


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Experience the ultimate adventure with the Riot Kayaks Edge 13 Day Touring Kayak in vibrant Sunset colors. This versatile kayak is perfect for day trips and long excursions, offering stability and speed on the water. Get ready to explore with the Edge 13 and make every paddle memorable.


Brand: Riot Kayaks

Color: Sunset (Orange/Yellow)


  • Flex 4 Seat – fully adjustable
  • Two rear accessory tracks
  • Skeg system for tracking
  • Two rubber covered storage hatches with bulkheads


The Riot Kayaks Edge 13 Day Touring Kayak in Sunset (Orange/Yellow) combines premium features for an exceptional kayaking experience. Featuring a Flex 4 Seat that is fully adjustable, this kayak ensures comfort during long trips. Equipped with two rear accessory tracks, a skeg system for improved tracking, and two rubber-covered storage hatches with bulkheads, this kayak offers ample storage and maneuverability. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, the Riot Kayaks Edge 13 Day Touring Kayak is designed to enhance your time on the water.

UPC: 880138101073

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Dimensions 157.0 × 25.0 × 0.0 cm